AKA Murder: Social Media Users Share Theories Don Design Could Be A Suspect

It’s been exactly four days since South African rapper AKA was gunned down just outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Street, Durban, and the questions over who killed him remain unanswered – to the annoyance of many who love him.

However – and as should be expected of a case like this – several theories have been flying around over who could have been involved in his murder and if his close pals or those in his circle at the time of the incident betrayed him.

A narrative that’s currently gaining ground on social media is that AKA’s associate Don Design could be privy to his death. The anonymous Twitter account AdvoBarryRoux is among those pushing this narrative.

In a recent tweet, AdvoBarryRoux claimed that the way Don Design was moving, as captured on CCTV footage, suggested that he might have had a hand in AKA’s killing. Some of those who responded to his tweet agreed with him.

So do not share his thoughts though but asked for the law to be allowed to take its course so people don’t end up accusing an innocent man. You can check out some of the tweets below.

AKA’s death on February 10 sent shock waves across South Africa as many had not seen it coming.

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