AKA Says It’s Impossible For COVID-19 To Spread From An Asymptomatic Person, Gets Dragged

AKA’s knowledge of medicine is tenuous at best. So when he made a slip arguing about the spread of coronavirus from an asymptomatic person, he got dragged online – from his fans and from those in the medical profession.

In a tweet, AKA had asked for proofs that an asymptomatic person can infect someone else with the coronavirus. To him, if there is no sign a person has the coronavirus, he cannot possibly infect another person. It doesn’t make any sense – to him.

A storm of criticism followed AKA’s tweet near instantly. While some fans were courteous trying to educate AKA on viruses and infections, others were downright contemptuous of him and his knowledge of medicine. This category of peeps literally mocked him for his opinions.

The writer and psychologist Suntosh Pillay was particularly unsparing in his response to AKA. He accused the rapper of showing signs of stupidity lately. Last we checked, AKA did not respond to him.

The criticisms are still raining on Twitter. You can check out some of them right here.

What do you think of AKA’s take on the spread of coronavirus? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below

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