AKA Wants Alcohol Ban Lifted, Denounces R2K Artists Relief Fund

Back when the alcohol ban was mere rumour and had not been implemented, AKA had kicked, asking the government not to ban it. He ignored radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo, who asked him to forget alcohol and begin a watermelon (fruit) hustle.

AKA kicked even harder when the ban was made official. He is miffed by the ban, stating in the era of coronavirus he was only able to cater to the needs of his family from the sale of alcohol. The hip hop star owns a major stake in Cruz Vodka’s AKA Watermelon vodka flavour.

AKA is yet upset with the ban, asking that it be lifted. In a recent post, following the laying the laying off of about 1400 staff at Pick N Pay, he stated that the ban will have a domino effect on the people. Workers will be the first casualties, he said, ending with the hashtag #LiftTheBan.

The government has announced a relief fund of R2k for artistes. AKA, who has made millions as an artiste and from endorsements, finds the R2k relief fund from the government insulting and degrading.

He denounced the fund outright, asking “What the f*** am I gonna do with R2,200 a month?

Some fans think he is speaking from a position of privilege. Others assume he is right on point. Well, what do you think?

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