AKA’s Father Thanks Naakmusiq For Training Him For Boxing Match Suspected To Be Against Cassper Nyovest

AKA’s Father Speaks Out Against Calls To #MuteAKA

Nakkmusiq is training AKA’s father for what is being speculated to be a boxing match against Cassper Nyovest. AKA was Cassper’s biggest rival, and the two had planned a boxing match to settle their rivalry.

However, the match never took place until AKA’s assassination on Fenaruy 10 this year. The songster had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban when a point-blank shot to the head dropped him cold on the pavement.

Of course, his death ended the possibility of continued rivalry with Cassper. It also obliterated the possibility of them having a boxing match.

However, soon after AKA’s death, and following Cassper’s visit to AKA’s family to console them, Tony Forbes has been goofing around with the “Doc Shebeleza” chanter, joking that he would meet Cassper Nyovest in the ring. He wants Cassper Nyovest to agree to a boxing match with him.

Of course, the possibility of Cassper agreeing to that is pretty remote – except they are going to have an exhibition match, in which case Cassper would allow the elder Forbes win.

Tony shared a picture on Instagram and thanked Naakmusiq for agreeing to be his trainer. The choice of Naakmusiq is symbolic because he had beaten Cassper previously.