‘AmaBishop’ Trends As Bishop Israel Makamu Opens Up About Leaked Recording

“AmaBishop” trends on Twitter after Bishop Israel Makamu says he was talking about Keys in the leaked recording.

Mzansi has seen its fair share of drama, and it has been crazy. Not too long ago, Bishop Israel Makamu was the trending topic on Twitter after a recording of him leaked. In the recording, he is heard asking a 17 year old girl for sex. The TV personality has since been slammed for it on social media.

He recently appeared on Moja Love where he spoke about the recording. According to him, he was only asking the girl for his church Keys. He also claimed that he asked her if she was alone because it would be wrong for a him to a seen alone with her.

However, social media users do not believe. They took to Twitter to call him out for trying to play the viewers for fools.

“As men, we must stop protecting each other when we’re wrong.”


“Makamu says he was merely asking for a key! He thinks re ditlaela.”

– tumisole

“It’s sexual harassment. He violated her. Makamu must face consequences.”


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