Ambitiouz Entertainment Issues Statement, Set To Appeal Court Ruling Favouring Blaq Diamond

South African record label Ambitiouz Entertainment has issued a statement noting that it would respect the ruling of the court in the case between it and Blaq Diamond, a two-friend collective previously signed to the record label.

The dup had taken the record label to court to seek some relief, including barring the record label and YouTube from taking down their videos from the video-streaming platform.

The group has been in a running battle with the record label, which released the work of one of the group members before he was due to release it. Previously, they had a wonderful working relationship.

Along the line, the group felt had had enough with the record label and opted out, but Ambitiouz Entertainment insisted at the time that the group still had a subsisting contract and just cannot leave – not until Ambitiouz gives the nod.

Anyway, they wanted out and left. It has been a war of sorts since, with the duo taking the label to court and getting the relief they sought.

However, while Ambitiouz Entertainment has promised to respect the court’s verdict, it has plans to appeal, as seen in the statement it released soon after.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of their appeal will be.

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