Amid Criticisms Over Her New Man, Pearl Modiadie Shares New Pictures With Him

South African media personality Pearl Modiadie is clearly uninterested in what her compatriots are thinking and saying about her new relationship. This much became apparent recently.

Pearl Modiadie had wanted a perfect family – to be married to the man of her dreams and enjoy the rest of her life with him and their children. But it didn’t work out as she had wanted, so she is living the other phase that pleases her – without her baby daddy Nathaniel Oppenheimer. A new lover is in the picture.

Just recently, she shared snaps of herself and her man holidaying at an unknown location. She only revealed her man’s back and the back of his head. Some South Africans had lashed out at her questioning why she is only interested in white men.

Some even claimed the man must be in his 60s and way older than herself. She doesn’t give a hoot about the claims, and to show that she really doesn’t , she even shared more pictures on her Instagram Story. Yeah, sounds petty – like someone who wants to spite her adversaries. You can check out one of them below,

Pearl Modiadie is living her life as she please after her failed relationship, and the public can only talk.

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