Andrew Tate To Remain Under House Following New Court Ruling

Andrew Tate To Remain Under House Following New Court Ruling

It is not yet uhuru for controversial internet personality Andrew Tate, the Romanian authorities have secured a ruling to detain him for additional 30 days.

Andrew Tate is currently under house arrest. He is charged with rape, human trafficking, as well as forming a criminal syndicate to sexually exploit women.

From the outset, the divisive social media personality had insisted on his innocence and his winning the case at the end of the day. He imagined himself as a lion that will prevail against all the adversaries on his way.

And given the confidence he has exhibited so far amid his troubles with the law, it is doubtful that the latest development, which sees him stuck at home for at least another 30 days, will break or dampen his spirit.

The latest verdict from the Bucharest Tribunal follows his indictment alongside his brother Tristan and two women by prosecutors.

About the recent verdict, Tate maintains that he and his brother are very resilient and the latest turn of events will not tamper with the same fighting spirit. Tate is expected to appeal the verdict. How soon that will happen is unclear. But the coming days will likely have the answer to that.