Ariana Grande & Husband Dalton Gomez Reportedly Split

Ariana Grande & Husband Dalton Gomez Reportedly Split

It is no longer laughter and flowers for singer Ariana Grande and her realtor husband Dalton Gomez, as they two have reportedly called off their relationship.

It is reported that COVID-19 brought them together and seriously cemented their relationship but the post-COVID realities have amplified their differences and pushed them apart.

A source claimed that Dalton was “taken aback” by her celebrity, with the concomitant paparazzi, something he had not dealt with during the lockdown. Apparently, with the coming to an end of the lockdown spawned by the coronavirus pandemic, their fundamental differences became even more apparent.

They tried to live with that. However, over time, they soon realized that they are better off going their separate ways.

Since the news of the breakup hit the internet, it turned out that son of their fans are sad to see that they are no longer together. Some even expressed the wish that they could try to salvage the relationship. And yet some wished the couple the best as they find their way into the world again without each other.

For Arian and Dalton, an era comes to an end. But then, another could likely begin anytime soon. Time will tell, of course.