Ayanda MVP Celebrates Cassper’s Music & Impressive Catalogue

People are often encouraged to “give people their flowers” when the said people are still alive and “can smell them.” South African media personality Ayanda MVP appears to be one person who believes in that saying.

She has just given her compatriot and celebrated rapper Cassper Nyovest by praising his contributions to South African music and the place he currently occupies in the country’s entertainment universe.

She dwelled on the rapper’s catalogue, noting how impressive it is as it has several great tunes, including “Gusheshe,” which she describes as one of his greatest hits to date. She recalled a time when a fan had DMed her with a song request. The fan wanted the station where she worked to play “Gusheshe,” which happens to be one of Cassper Nypvest’s greatest hits – by fan decision.

The clip of her admission reached Cassper and he graciously thanked her for the love. You can check out the clip below.

Cassper Nyovest is one of the most important voices in South African rap and South African music generally. Of course, he didn’t start from the top. The songster struggled at the bottom for a while. But his faith in his abilities and consistency eventually propelled him to the top of the music scene back home.

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