Ayanda Ncwane Faces Flak For Allegedly Failing To Pay Gospel Group Abathandwa

Ayanda Ncwane, a former housemate of the reality show the Real Housewives of Durban, is facing severe fla after allegedly failing to pay the gospel group Abathandwa.

The group was previously signed to Ayanda Ncwane’s Ncwane Communication and released the album “Ehhe Moya Wam” under the label. However, according to reports, the group was never paid royalties from the album.

Irked by the lack of royalties for a project they expended so much working on, the 11-member group, exited the record label for another (Dondol Music Productions), It is now looking forward to recovering royalties for the project.

According to Percy Nyoka, who hap[[ens to be the leader of the group, Ayanda never revealed how much was made from sales despite the album being a success. She insisted the group has never received a cent in royalties, and this might end up in a (legal) fight.

By the way, Ncwane Communications has been known to be facing financial issues. The company, which Ayanda took over from her late husband Sfiso Ncwane, has had to change its structure following its financial woes.

It remains to be seen how and how the Abathandwa group will be paid. For now, Mzansi has been siding with the group in the case of unpaid royalties.

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