BET Awards 2023: Pictures Of Uncle Waffles, Pabi Cooper, & K.O. On The Red Carpet Excite Mzansi

The BET Awards 2023 may have come and gone but the memories are still pretty fresh. The South Africans who were nominated for BET Awards, K.O., Pabi Copper and Uncle Waffles, all showed up for the occasion and they looked impressive in their attires.

Pabi Cooper rocked a red gown with an ambitious gash revealing her cleavage. The attire reached her feet and she looked gorgeous in it. You can check her out below.

Uncle Waffles herself was in the mood to slay, as she turned up in an equally gorgeous outfit that flowed to her feet. Svelte and elegant, she charmed many as much with her attire as with her lavish smiles.

K.O. wore a much simpler outfit for the occasion, without vestiges of pomposity. The pair of trousers he wore looked like something straight from Maxhosa. It was completed by a black hat and sleeved shirt of the same colour.

All three were nominated in two categories of the BET Wards. Interestingly, none of them won a thing. But that’s by the way. Their nominations were still strong endorsements of their creative powers.

What’s more, the pictures from the BET Awards have many South Africans applauding because they think their compatriots looked good at the event.

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