Black Coffee Goes Sightseeing in Cairo

Grammy winner Black Coffee takes a break from his busy schedule to go sightseeing in Cairo, Egypt, before jetting off to continue his tour.

One thing we love about Black Coffee is his focus and drive. The famous DJ and producer is one of the biggest Disc Jockeys in the world, and he has already added a Grammy to his list of accolades.

He’s also gearing up to be the first South African to headline the Madison Square Garden. Doing big things has always been his move. The star is currently on an international tour which will happen until September, when more dates will be added.

After killing it in Cairo, Egypt, the star took time out to go sightseeing before jetting off to Lebanon. He shared a photo of himself on Twitter. From what we’ve seen so far, he’s been having the time of his life on tour. We can’t wait for him to shut down MSG.

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