Black Coffee Reacts As Kid Goes Crazy Over His Song

Many see music as emollient on the soul. And in a sense, it is. It isn’t surprising, then, that some people often go crazy over a particular song or the music of some artistes.

This much played out recently when a kid jumped in excitement upon hearing “Drive,” Coffee’s song with David Guetta, a French disc jockey and producer.

A  Twitter user who goes by the handle @Thatorale shared the clip of the kid excitedly jumping over the song and tagged the two artistes and others to it.

Charmed by the video, an emotional Black Coffee had declaimed “Oh,” following that up with a string of the heart emoji. Cclearly, he wasn’t the only one impressed by the video. Other twitter users shared their pleasure in the child’s excitement.

By the way, Black Coffee is one of South Africa’s most visible disc jockeys and the most celebrated internationally with a splendid network covering the finest names in global pop, from Beyoncé to Drake.

Black Coffee recently released an album titled “Subconsciously,” a liberating body of work you should check out.

What do you think of Black Coffee’s reaction to the girl who rocked his number? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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