Blaq Diamond Wins Ambitiouz Entertainment For 3rd Time In Court

Mzansi hitmaker Blaq Diamond has won their former label Ambitiouz Entertainment for the third in court.

Ambitiouz Entertainment has faced many woes with its artists in the past. They have gone back and forth with their former signees, Blaq Diamond, who they took down their music from YouTube. The duo launched a court interdict to prevent them from doing so.

According to an update shared by Blaq Diamond’s lawyer, Jade Louella, they have emerged victorious against Ambitiouz Entertainment. Louella shared some of the papers on social media. This marks the third time the duo has winning against Ambitiouz Entertainment.

“Congratulations to my Client AGAIN! Blaq Diamond for winning against Ambitiouz Entertainment for the third time! Ambitiouz leave to appeal is dismissed with costs! Round 3 in the bag.”

Fans celebrated the win on social media. @BlaqSabali wrote, “Siri, please play Ilanga by Blaq Diamond. They are truly doing it for their dawgs. Ambitious must let go of those boys now.” @ramsthulani_ reacted, “So happy for them ngl I want every past member who was ripped off to follow this route. That label robbed us good music.”

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