Boity Thulo Reacts To Critics Of Her “Mbuzi” Remix Lyrics

A while back. South African rapper Boity provoked many of her compatriots when she rapped over “Mbuzi Freestyle” while referencing the recent deaths of AKA and Costa Titch. Tweeps thought her lyrics disrespectful, and they made it known to her.

Well, it’s a new day and the “Wuz Dat” rapper has finally responded to her critics. And no. She has no apologies for what she rapped, as she believes that was the reality on the ground.

Addressing her critics, she insisted that she didn’t lie in the song and there was no form of disrespect in what she said. She just felt like she was misunderstood. But not, she insists, she didn’t lie. You can check out her post below.

AKA and Costa Titch were both notable rappers and even friends who had collaborated previously. AKA was shot dead on February 10 this year, just after stepping out of Wish Restaurant in the company of his associates.

Costa Titch died soon after – on stage – while performing during a show in Johannesburg. Both deaths reverberated across South Africa because both were important voices in Mzansi rap and were still in their prime with so much to offer the industry. Their legacies live, of course.

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