Boity Thulo & Theo Baloyi Ignite Relationship Rumours With Holiday Pictures

You can always count on Twitter denizens to make every attempt to unearth this when it comes to celebrities and their relationships. Sometimes, they get it right; sometimes, one cannot tell.

Anyway, South African rapper Boity is facing close scrutiny from Twitter sleuths, with some of them sharing images that imply she is in the same place as Theo Baloyi and that the two of them might be dating.

A Twitter user with the name Mans No Barry Roux had shared two images of both Boity and Theo. A Look at the images they took indicated it might be the same location. They were not together in the pictures shared, but the similarity of the location had fans talking. See the post below.

At the time of writing, though, neither Theo nor Boity had shared anything about each other on their social media pages – no pictures of them together at the beach or even close.

If they are indeed dating, they are not doing a great job of hiding it. Or perhaps, they want to tease the public a bit before eventually becoming social media official with their relationship. Time will tell what exactly is going on between them = if at all.

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