Britney Spears Miscarries, Announces Tragedy In Emotional Note

It’s a sad period for singer Britney speared and her partner Sam Asghari as they have lost their child early in the pregnancy. 

In a post to her page, to which she tagged her man, Britney noted it was with the most sadness that they announced the loss of their child. 

She described the experience as devastating for any parent while noting that they should perhaps have waited before announcing it to the world. But then they were overly excited to share the good news. 

They noted they drive strength from the love they share and will continue trying to expand their beautiful family. 

The couple expressed gratitude to those who have been supporting them while also asking for privacy as they navigate this unforgiving period in their life and relationship. 

The news of Britney’s miscarriage provoked incredulity and a wave of sympathy from other celebs and fans alike. 

Paris Hilton expressed sadness at the loss while Sending Britney love and support. 

While contending with his own grief, Sam is optimistic he and his partner will get another miracle. And we say a big amen to that. 

Britney’s announcement follows a series of nudes she posted on Instagram. 

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