Cassper Speaks After AKA Threatens to Sue Everyone Who Benefited from The Braai Show

AKA recently won the court battle over the ownership of The Braai Show, with the court ruling that true to his claim when he filed his case, he owns a 50 per cent stake in the show.

AKA had been at odds with Cake Media, his partner on the show, over hiring his rival Cassper Nyovest as host of the show’s second season. (AKA had hosted the first season).

AKA insisted he wasn’t consulted before Cassper Nyovest was hired. He also averred that he owns a 50 per cent stake in the show, which Cake Media denied.

Well, the court ruled in his favour.

AKA is happy over the successful litigation, and he’s also gearing to draw some more blood. In a tweet soon after, he’d shred his plans to sue every person or organization that benefited from the show.

Cassper Nyovest benefited from the show because he promoted his alcohol and shoe brand on the platform while he was the host. So he might be among AKA’s targets in his next legal adventure.

Reacting to a fan who wanted to know his thoughts about it all, Cassper Nyovest insisted nothing would happen ever.

How true that is will be known soon.

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