Charlize Theron Rises To Will Smith’s Defence, Says he Isn’t A Woman Beater

South African actress Charlize Theron has risen to the defence of her American counterpart Will Smith, noting that he is not a woman beater.

The celebrated actress was recalling the first time she worked with Will Smith. That was back in 2001. Will Smith was preparing to play the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali in the film of the same name. According to reports, Will Smith spent at least seven hours a day training to play the boxer while immersing himself in the life of the man who is recognised as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

According to Theron, back then, she encountered Will Smith during his training for “Ali” and she asked him to show her a couple of moves. Well, he did just that, knocking her out. It wasn’t an experience she was exp[ecting.

And even if it happened, she believes there was no big deal to it because Will Smith had not acted out of malice. And to this day, she is happy to rise to his defence and tell anyone who cares to listen that he is not a woman beater.

Fair enough, but he had no qualms delivering some admonitory whacks on Chris Rock, who made irreverent jokes about his wife Jada a while back.

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