Chomee Speaks Out About Controversial R2 Million NAC Drama

Mzansi artist, Chomee finally releases an official statement about the controversial NAC funding.

Last week, it was reported that Mzansi artist, Chomee had received around R2million funding from the NAC. The singer’s ex boyfriend, Arthur Mafokate was also dragged because his affiliated companies allegedly received over R10million.

The news rubbed virtually everyone the wrong way, and social media was full of enraged reactions. Finally, the talented artist is speaking out. In a statement shared to her official Instagram page, she questioned the reason why she was being critizized, even when all she did was apply for funding like everyone else.

Highlighting that many other women, and artists of different races were also approved, she asked if the focus on her is because she’s a Black woman. She also revealed that she has not gotten a cent of the funding, slamming the ‘fake’ reports. Read the full statement in the link below.

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