Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Memorialize Son With Matching Jack Tattoo

Jack showed signs of life but never made it to this world. To memorialize the son they never had but who in fevered expectancy they had named Jack, and wife have gone to have their bodies inked with Jack’s name.

Chrissy Teigen, who got married to in 2013, lost jack, according to her, halfway through her pregnancy – via miscarriage.

It was an unexpected loss and one which deeply affected the couple. shared the story of her loss on social media, with millions around the world standing with her in her hour of loss. Thereafter she had vanished from social media.

She reappeared with an emotional “Hi” note on meiium, which media services around the world picked up. Not done with the recollections of her loss and her story of finding healing emotionally, she opted to have an ink of her son’s name. did the same.

The tattoo artiste Winter Stone inked “Jack” on Chrissy Teigen’s and jack’s wrists. For for as long as the two of them get to live, their son and his memory is just a glimpse away from them – on their wrists.

Hopefully they completely get over their loss soon.

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