Chymamusique Opens Up About His Recent Challenges

Chymamusique has opened up about the challenges he’s been facing and promises to bounce back soon.

Our attention was drawn to Chymamusique’s absence from Twitter after a fan asked him about it. He gave a candid reply saying, “I’ll be back. Currently Facing some life difficulties, I promise I’ll fight and bounce back ASAP.”

The star also opened up to TimesLIVE about some of the challenges he’s been facing, which he says he cannot explain. “Not yet, I’m still trying to figure it out, but it’s more spiritual; I’m always in church. It’s something that I don’t understand yet, so I won’t even be able to understand how best to explain it.”

He revealed he gets headaches, body pains, and several discomforts. He also spoke about going to church more and praying.

“I just took a pause just a little bit to pray about everything and see what God wants with my life. But definitely I’m slowly getting a little better, so I’ll bounce back. I believe it is just a phase.”

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