#CyrilMustResign: Mzansi Up In Arms Against President Cyril Ramaphosa

There’s no let-up in the advocacy to have President Cyril Ramaphosa out of power. South Africans have just adopted the hashtag #CyrilMustResign to drive home their grievances and ensure the president leaves.

All along, there were signs of opposition to Ramaphosa’s continued stay in power. However, things took on a violent turn when former police chief Arthur Fraser revealed a heist had taken place on the president’s Phala Phala farm in  2020, and millions of dollars were stolen from the property without the president informing the public as he should.

The heist had reportedly been committed by Namibians in collaboration with a farmhand on the president’s property. The crooks were allegedly tortured and the money was recovered from them. To prove his point, Fraser had shared a clip of the robbery as well as other documents.

South Africans were incredulous.

Since the revelation, the clamour for the president’s resignation has only intensified. And the advocacy is still burning. Already, advocates of the president’s resignation have planned a protest for July 15 (tomorrow). The plan is to march to the presidential palace to force the president to step down.

But will he? We’ll be here to bring you further news. So stay tuned if you please.

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