Dax Drops “Depression”

It’s a moment of “Depression” for American rapper Dax, as you will find out in a bit. Okay, hold on; what you have here is actually just a song. But then there’s no missing the hard bars.

Daniel Nwosu is the name of the songster long famous as Dax, and in a world teeming with rappers, the songster is actually one of the most confident out there, believing himself to be one of the very best. He also has a well-documented habit of taking his fans along with his music, sometimes running promotions and gifting them stuff. But that’s by the way.

His latest drop is not only relatable. It has that fiery energy that will get you back into the orbit of the lyrics again and again. For one who isn’t a regular on here, the songster has given us another reason to always keep an eye open for what he might release.

The message the songster explored in his latest song will resonate with many out there. Who, for instance, hasn’t suffered from depression at some point?

This is a song for all, really. So go ahead and explore it for all it’s worth. By the way, it comes with a music video.

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