DJ Zinhle’s Shocking Revelation About Murdah Bongz’s Family

Apparently, “Uzobuya” songstress DJ Zinhle didn’t meet the family of her boyfriend Murdah Bongz until she gave birth to their first daughter, Asante.

Murdah Bongz, a member of the South African boy band Black Motion, and DJ Zinhle are two people crazily in love. And although he had proposed to her, she had declined because marriage wasn’t in her plans.

In the latest episode of her show, The Unexpected, DJ Zinhle had given another important revelation, letting her fans know that she didn’t meet the family members of her man until she gave birth to their child.

Not having met a soul from Bongz’s family until after she gave birth was, according to DJ Zinhle herself, pretty strange. But it is what it is.

DJ Zinhle unveiled The Unexpected at the same time she revealed to the world that she was pregnant – after hiding her baby bump for a long time. The show, which airs on the BET network, will take fans through her pregnancy journey.

Before DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz became an item, the songstress had dated and had a baby for another musician, AKA. Now, though, as most of her fans would say. She’s in a better place

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