Dr Malinga Was Deported From Zimbabwe (Video)

Mzansi hitmaker Dr. Malinga apologizes to his Zimbabwean fans and says he was deported after entering the country.

Many times, fans look forward to watching some of their favourite hitmakers perform, but it can all be hindered by certain circumstances. Hopes of Dr. Malinga fans in Zimbabwe were cut short when the singer failed to show up.

The singer was billed to perform at the Ngom Primary School in Gwanda, but he was deported after entering the country. Dr. Malinga shared a video on social media explaining that it was due to complications from the show promoter’s side and not from him. He said,

“Yesterday, we flew to Zimbabwe, but we got deported. Zimbabwe, sorry for that. But it was complications from your side, from promoter’s side, not from my side because mina I came.” The full details of what went wrong has not been revealed. Watch the video below.

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