Dr Nandipha Magudumana Taps International Lawyer To Make Urgent Application Over Her Arrest

Dr Nandipha Magudumana is leaving nothing to chance in her attempts to prise herself out of the grip of the law and has just reportedly hired an international advocate to take care of her case.

Nandipha is challenging her arrest in Arusha, Tanzania, while she was repeatedly fleeing from the law back home. She was about to cross the border alongside Thabo Bester and a guy reported to be their guide when they were apprehended.

Bester was one of the most wanted criminals in OSuth Africa in recent memory. Infamously known as the “Facebook Rapist” because he allegedly lure women from that platform and then rape and kill them, He had escaped from prison allegedly with the connivance of wardens and Dr Nandipha.

He stayed with her after escaping prison, setting the place on fire and leaving a body smuggled into the prison to fool the authorities that he was the one burned to death in the cell. He was eventually caught, with Nandipha seen as his accomplice.

She has just secured the service of international law advocate Anton Katz SC, who is applying for her arrest to be declared illegal because, according to him, they had not acted within the ambit of the law in arresting her.

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