Drake’s Son Adonis Raps His Verse On ‘Rich Flex’

Drake’s Son Adonis Raps His Verse On ‘Rich Flex’

Canadian rap star Drake’s son Adonis raps his father’s verse on “Rich Flex.”

One thing most talented parents want is for their kids to carry on their legacy and chart their own course. Canadian star Drake must be really proud of his son Adonis because the boy is already taking after him.

The “God’s Plan” star previously trended for purchasing 2Pac’s gold and ruby crown ring for $1 million. Drizzy has never been shy about spending his millions. We all know he will make more. The rap star posted a video of his son Adonis, rapping his verse on the hit song “Rich Flex.”

The video was reposted by Daily Loud with the caption, “Drake’s son Adonis can’t stop saying ’21 can you do something for me.” The video has gotten lots of reactions from fans, who are mostly impressed by how fast the boy has grown. Check the video out below.