Emtee Lashes Out At Podcast And Chill With MacG

Emtee has fired shots at podcast host MacG. Wondering wy the controversial media personality doesn’t pay artiste who come to his podcast to sing.

It all started after news hit Mzansi airwaves that MacG had given employees bonus this month. A twitter use who goes by the name Makwela Obriam had commended the gesture.

According to Makwela Obriam, the gesture is heartwarming, especially so because the employees have worked very hard and made the podcast the biggest in Africa.

Other Twitter users had joined in celebrating MacG for the gesture. But Emtee was totally unimpressed. He’d highlighted that people who come to the show to sing get absolutely, which he thinks is unfair. You can check out his tweet below.

Some of Emtee’s fans stpped in and what follows coukld almost pass for a question and answer session.

Before now, Emtee had implied that artistes were being manipulated to sing for free on the podcast.

By the way, Podcast and Chill has become the most controversial podcast in South Africa, thanks to the antics of the hosts, who are always speaking their minds regardless of the implications of the statements. This has led to the loss of several sponsors since the show began, the latest being Amstel Malta.

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