Emtee Says Nicole Chinsamy Never Loved Him And Only Wanted Money

SA Hip Hop star Emtee claims his estranged wife Nicole Chinsamy never loved him but only wanted his money.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for Emtee and his fan base. The famous rapper has been separated from his wife for some time now after moving out of his house and filing for divorce.

Sunday World reported that his estranged wife, Nicole Chinsamy, accused the rapper of drug abuse and maintained that he abused her despite withdrawing the case. Emtee is not having any of that and has taken to Twitter to blast her. He claimed she never loved him but married him for his money.

He wrote, “When I start to produce receipts. Bank statements and proof that actually this person just wants money kusazonyiwa There was never love to begin with.” He also previously accused her of stealing from him and not contributing financially to their marriage.

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