Excitement In South African As Christiano Ronaldo Vibes To “Ma Gang” By Costa Titch

If the dead could see what is going on the earthly plane, the late South African rapper Costa Titch would certainly be pleased to see celebrated Portuguese footballer Christian Ronaldo vibing to his “Ma Gang” tune.

The former Real Madrid star, who currently plays for a Saudi Arabian side, posted a reel which showed him vibing to the song while exercising.  South Africans who saw the reel were impressed and shared their thoughts online.

Of course, the clip means a lot to many South Africans, and it would certainly have meant a lot for Costa Titch as well, were he alive. After all, Ronaldo is one of the most influential sportsmen of all time and also one of the most followed celebrities on earth, with Instagram following of more than half a billion people.

Such visibility alone can do wonders for the said song and for the late rapper’s legacy. You can check out the clip below.

Rgis is the second known time that the Portuguese footballer had shared a song by a South African. The first known example was when he shared Master KG’s “Jerusalema,” increasing the virality of the song and positioning Master KG as one of the top figures in South African music.

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