Fans Prop Big Zulu & DJ Fresh for Celebrity Boxing – King Monada Too

The idea of celebrities sparring in the boxing ring has been on for years. But it wasn’t until last year that a semblance of a fight took place. But it wasn’t between two celebs. One, Cassper, might be called a celebrity, and the other, Slik Talk, isn’t yet a celeb. 

Still, the fight ignited interest, and many celebs In South got fired up to get into the ring. Bolobedu music ace King Monada had challenged to a fight, but the Inkabi Records boss laughed at the prospects of fighting him. 

For context, is a huge man, and King Monada is on the thin side. So the idea of them sparring was thought of as nothing more than a joke. 

But who would fight? The question became hot again after Big Zulu indicated he’s ready to spar with someone after Cassper’s fight with Naakmusiq. 

Well, what about DJ Fresh, had asked? The songster is just as huge as Big Zulu, and both seem like good fits as opponents. 

Some fans think so too. But nothing has been finalised yet. 

Of course, if a fight should get on track, we’ll bring you all the details. So follow us and stay tuned for updates. 

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