Foliswa – Uyoze Awuchithe Ft. MusiholiQ & Seluna

Foliswa's Musical Evolution: "Uyoze Awuchithe" Collaboration with MusiholiQ & Seluna Highlights the Richness of Maskandi

Foliswa – Uyoze Awuchithe Ft. MusiholiQ & Seluna

South African singer, Foliswa, has recently released a captivating track titled “Uyoze Awuchithe”, in collaboration with the gifted MusiholiQ and Seluna. This new song is the latest gem in Foliswa’s repertoire, solidifying his mark in the South African music landscape.

“Uyoze Awuchithe” is a testament to the Maskandi music genre, deeply rooted in South African culture. Maskandi is renowned for its profound storytelling and the use of traditional local instruments. The genre’s essence lies in its ability to weave narratives, often reflecting societal issues, personal experiences, and historical tales, all set to the rhythm of authentic instrumentation.

The increasing global popularity of Maskandi is evident, with platforms like TikTok playing a significant role in its promotion. The genre’s distinct sound, characterized by synths and broad percussive basslines, resonates with audiences both locally and internationally.

Choosing to work with MusiholiQ and Seluna on “Uyoze Awuchithe” is a testament to Foliswa’s vision of bringing Maskandi to a broader audience, bridging the gap between traditional sounds and contemporary music.

The track “Uyoze Awuchithe” is now available for streaming and download, and is anticipated to be a hit among Maskandi aficionados and general music enthusiasts.

Uyoze Awuchithe