Gogo Maweni Posts Video Holding A Python

SA is creeped out by Gogo Maweni’s latest video holding a python with snakes on her bed.

Mzansi can never get used to some things that creep them out. has always loved her life. She never relents in showing off some of the things that happen in her life on a daily.

The famous traditional healer is currently at her in Soweto, and she wants fans to know why she’s there. Maweni shared a video of herself holding a python while snakes were seen crawling on her bed. She revealed that she was at her house in Soweto because she missed her snakes.

She wrote, “The only reason I’m at my in Soweto❤️ I missed my babies.” Mzansi was creeped out by the video and did not hide their distaste. Some reacted, saying her practices were dark and did not reflect her said job as a traditional healer.

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