Halle Bailey Erupts Against Trolls

Halle Bailey Erupts Against Trolls

By the weekend, it was clear that Halle Bailey had had enough of the trolling, so she lashed back, almost making headline news for her action.

For weeks now, fans have been speculating that she is pregnant, with some of them pointing to the changes her body is undergoing. She would neither confirm nor deny the pregnancy rumours then. But the take about her nose appeared to have gotten her worked up.

A fan had trolled her, pointing out that she had a “pregnancy nose.” The claim irritated her and she issued words of warning on Snapchat, letting the trolls know that if she should hear any of them say anything about her nose, they would have a serious price to pay.

She never got into details about that, but perhaps she managed to pass the message across. Whether the trolls will actually listen to her is unclear. But then, she has passed her message across.

Halle Bailey is not alone in her battle with trolls. Almost every other celebrity worth the name has been trolled at one point or the other – some for their pregnancy body, some for their fashion sense and relationships. And it is doubtful trolling will end anytime soon.