Here Is Why Moshe Ndiki No Longer Wear A Wedding Band

Moshe Ndiki has gone public with the reason why he no longer wears his wedding ring. The TV and media personality got hitched last year with his hubby, Phelo Bala, but there just might be trouble looming in paradise already.

Phelo has not made any posts on his social media accounts since December 2021, which has started to raised some eyebrows. Phelo and hubby have been one of Mzansi’s most loved couples on ZAlebville.

Their power couple goals have won themselves a special abode in the hearts of many South Africans. Moshe recently hung out with his nephew and revealed on social media just how much fun they had!

“Saturday is for family ( well till later ) going on a date with the love of my life , my gentleman, my kind sir , my naughty bugger…Just the two of us …also I can tell this guy is gonna leave me at the door and leave his heart on the play ground here at Papachinos. So it’s a date but not ..” he posted.

Meanwhile, a curious fan asked to know the whereabouts of his wedding band that was missing in action, and he replied that he has a tattoo. Or did he not understand the question? Did he and didn’t want to answer? Well, Moshe and Phelo inked tattoo rings after they got married, but they also had physical wedding rings.

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