Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Are Collaborating On New Music

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj working together is something that will resonate with many of their fans across the world. The result, many expect, would be explosive, catering to the tastes of millions of their fans scattered across the world. But could they be working on something right now?

Are they working on something at the moment?

Many of their fans are sold on the narrative that the two currently have their hands on a joint number and might release the same soon. The basis for this belief is Google launching a popup puzzle that users were meant to solve. One of the answers is the word “Sagittarius.”

Netizens think that is a sign that the two will be releasing new music soon. Actually, it is only one of a couple of signs recently released. For instance at the recent VMAs. Taylor Swift had described Nicki Minaj as her favourite Sagittarius. See the clip below.

In a related development, Nicki Minaj had reposted a tweet by Talk of the Charts, which claimed that she and Taylor Swift are the only musicians with 100 or more Billboard Hot 100 in their careers. In her response, Nicki Minaj noted that she is fighting the urge to say Sagittarius things at the moment.

Fans are waiting.

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