Hilarious Moment Man Bids Actress Charlize Theron To Pronounce Her Name With Her Benoni Accent

South Africans had a moment of hilarity recently after a man slammed actress Charlize Theron, advising her to pronounce her name properly.

A TikTok user with the name Wesley had shared a clip in which he could be seen advising the international actress to use her Benoni accent to pronounce her name and not the American accent that she sues all over the place.

South Africans found the clip hilarious and they shared the same, increasing the reach of what he had put together. You can check out the hilarious clip below.

Contacted by a media house to comment on the clip, Wesley noted that the primary purpose of creating the clip was to make South Africans laugh. He noted we are in dark times and making people laugh is the fee=better option. He also observed that South Africans are able to find humour in every situation.

From the reactions to the video, it appeared many South Africans agreed with Wesley about Charlize Theron’s accent. But the question is, will she do Wesley’s bidding here? Time will tell.

For now, it appears that Charlize Theron, who appeared to have appointed herself the defender of drag queens, is more focused on her career

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