Homeless Bonga Sithole Might Be MacG’s Next Guest On Podcast And Chill

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Should MacG get the popular homeless man Bonga Sithole on his POdcast and Chill podcast? Well, he threw that question at his fans in his most recent tweet.

The controversial podcast host had hit the streets in search of his next guest when he bumped into Bonga Sithole. Bonga is a homeless man who had wowed South Africans with his faultless accent and extensive vocabulary a while back. But he is still on the streets of Auckland Park in South Africa.

MacG and and Bonga exchanged numbers and the podcast host drove. He shared the clip on his official Twitter page and asked for the opinion of his fans. They were somewhat divided on whether to bring him to the show or not. Some tweeps noted that he would be an interesting guest given his command of the English language.

Some wonder if he would not be ridiculed for who he is – a homeless man. At this rate, it is unclear if Bonga would make it to the podcast. His coming there depends entirely on him and him alone.

It will be interesting to see if he will eventually make it. Of course, we will be here to keep you updated.