Hopes of Reconciliation Rises As Enhle Mbali Vibes With A Black Coffee Track

Actress Enhle Mbali shared a clip on her Instagram recently, and it featured a song by her estranged husband, DJ Black Coffee. The move inspired in fans hopes she would one day reconcile with the celebrated musician.

In the comments to the post, fans had expressed their desires to see the couple bury whatever had torn them asunder. Specifically, a fan had asked her why she picked a song by her estranged husband.

Replying to the question, the actress stated she was all about love and not holding grudges.

Another fan stated she had been praying for Enhle Mbali and to get back together, noting that she still sees hope in their reconciliation. The fan felt that there was still love between Enhle and her celebrated musician ex-husband.

But Enhle Mbali would rather the fan pray for something “more meaning.”

Enhle Mbali and had an acrimonious and public split. But their relationship appears to be on the mend following Enhle Mbali calling Black Coffee “Dad” after he gifted their son a racing car.

Do you have dreams of Enhle Mbali and one day reconciling? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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