I Blew It: Brenda Fassie’s Son Bongani Fassie On How He Wasted R4 Million On Drugs

Brenda Fassie’s Son Bongani Fassie continues to pop in the news sporadically over his life and how he used up the fortune his mother left him before her death.

The pop icon reportedly left tens of millions for Bongani at her death. Because he was still a kid at the time, the inheritance was kept in a trust for him to take over when he came of age. Dude is no longer a kid now, and he’s (almost) used up the fortune.

Where did the money go?

That is one question that has been flying around for as long as one can remember. It is public knowledge that Bongani had a drug problem. But the songster gave some context into it all during a recent episode of his reality show “I Blew It.”

Indeed, he actually blew it. At some point, in his life, he blew R4 million on drugs. Yup. He made that confession himself. One thing about having a drug habit is that it is hard to let go. The habit keeps bringing you back into its orbit.

That was Bonagni’s reality, and he hoped people would learn from his experience and stay away from drugs. Would they?

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