“I’m Still Not Okay” – Actress Mapula Mafole Still Mourning Father One Month After

With a deep bond comes pain at the death of a loved one. This is the reality of South African actress Mapula Mafole who lost her father recently.

It’s been a month since she buried her fan, but she continues to be “tormented” by memories of him. While her father was alive, she had a close relationship with him. They shared a deep bond. Now that he is no more, a part of her is broken and arching for him.

She herself made this known in a recent social media post in which she noted that her father was her biggest fan – a man who stood by her through her many storms and continued to support her until his death. And although he is no longer on the earthly plane, he would have loved for her to just continue shining and living her life without him.

Her words touched many South Africans, some of whom decided to pop into her comment section to console her and wish her strength amid the turmoil of remembrance. To some of them, the best she could do to her father’s memory is to continue to stand out as an actress and in all she does

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