In Pictures: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Georgia Wedding

For many, it is the dream. And maybe it was for Jennifer Lopez, who turned up in white to marry her man Ben Affleck in Riceboro, Georgia.

It was a “white” occasion. Okay, that’s only in the sense that everyone turned out in white, except perhaps for the groom, who rocked a pair of black pants and a black bow tie.

A wedding – the solemnization of her union with Ben – was what the actress had always looked forward to. At some point, it was said that she was the one too preoccupied with settling down, while Ben Affleck wanted to take things easy.

Whatever the case, it’s obviously been settled now as the two have taken their vows and are now husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony has been described as magical by some of those who witnessed it. And even those who didn’t, mostly shared the same verdict on the strength of the pictures shared about the occasion so far.

If you weren’t in Georgia for the wedding. You can check out some of the pictures from the occasion below.

Jennifer had previously dated Ben Affleck, but the relationship ended before they said “I do.” So now begins a new story.

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