In Pictures: Metro FM Celebrates K.O. As His “SETE” Song Reaches New Milestone

Veteran South African rapper K.O. continues the leap upwards with his song “SETE,” which was released last year. At the time, the song snagged one milestone after the other, becoming the most played song on South African radio.

A year may have passed, but the wins continue, as recently revealed by Metro FM. In a tweet on its official channel, Metro FM had indicated that the song has been streamed about 81 million times on Tbo Touch’s platform on the network, The Touch Down.

In the shares shared by Metro FM, K.O. could be seen holding the plaques of his milestone from Tbo Touch himself in what appears to be the corridor of the station. You can check them out below.

K.O. has come a long way as the rapper and remains the most visible member of a hip hop collective called Teargas. This group was one of the most notable at some point. Disagreements later led to the members splitting up. K.O. began a new musical journey as a solo artist and has made a big success of it.

Well, from the look of things, “SETE” numbers can only go higher, and that would be more triumphs for K.O. Some solidarity.

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