Italy’s Forward Giuseppe Rossi Slams Salt Bae Over World Cup Drama

Argentina’s on-field World Cup celebration had a little twist as celebrity chef Salt Bae popped into the pitch to celebrate the team. At some point, he even lifted the cup.

That was a novelty of sorts even for a chef. but the chef surely knew what he was doing when he popped in there. It would put him ad his brand in the spotlight.

Well, it turned out someone wasn’t happy with the chef barging into the field to lift the cup of the Argentines. Italy’s former forward Giuseppe Rossi was impressed with the chef and tweeted his displeasure soon after.

In his tweet, he declaimed that the celebrity chef should kiss his ass. He wondered why the celebrity chef should want all the attention. Well, he got what he wanted and his “2 minutes of fame are up.” you can check out the tweet below.

Salt Bae’s decision to pop into the pitch and lift the World Cup might be deduced as an attempt to further boost his brand. the chef is already a global brand. He’s managed to force himself at the center of the world once again.

Well, as the saying goes, fortune favors the bold. Salt Bae is a bold man.

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