J Molley Shares Conversation He Had With Riky Rick Before He Passed

SA Hip Hop star, J Molley has shared the conversation he had with Riky Rick before he passed on.

February 23rd will always be remembered as the day Mzansi lost a legend. Social media has been flooded with shocked reactions to Riky Rick’s death, and everyone is finding it hard to make peace with it. Reports reveal that Rick hung himself at his in Johannesburg.

Taking to his Instagram stories, rapper, J Molley shared the conversation he had with him before he died. Molley had been in the news last year for his depression. He had tweeted about taking his life at the time prompting his team to step in.

After making a comeback with the “Almost Dead” album, Molley has been doing okay. He revealed that the “Sondela” star called him the day before to check on him and told him that he was dealing with similar issues. He also shared his wishes that he could have said something that changed his mind even though it would almost be impossible to.

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