Jennifer Lopez’s Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Denies Cheating Claims

Alex Rodriguez had denied cheating on fiancée Jennifer Jennifer Lopez with the reality television star Madison LeCroy.

An associate of Alex Rodriguez insisted that although the former baseball champ might have liked a couple of Ms LeCroy’s posts, he doesn’t know her and has never cheated with her.

Alex and JLo have been engaged for over a year and they never shy away from showing the world how in love they are. The cheating scandal between them has kinda made things awkward. But with Alex insisting he never cheated on her, and JLo having not commented on the whole thing, the world can only wait.

Madison Lecroy, who is part of the reality show Southern Charm, claims to have had an affair with Alex Rodriguez. However, she only made headlines with Alex when another star on the show spoke about Alex.

Ms LeCroy insists they never got physical, still holding fast to her claims of having an affair with the former baseball star.

In other news, former MLB champ Jose Canseco has also accused Alex Rodriguez of cheating of Jennifer Lopez with his (Canseco’s) ex wife Jessica.

With accusations flying all over the place, it looks like the story is only is only just beginning. Stay tuned.

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