Junior De Rocka Celebrates Daughter Sbahle Mzizi At 6

South African singer Junior De Rocka’sdaughter Sbahle Mzizi recently turned 6, and she was on the ground to celebrate her.

The kid is the product of the singer’s relationship with the celebrated actress Ntando Duma. Their relationship has an interesting angle to it, and it makes the singer’s celebration of his daughter all the more memorable.

Years ago, Junior De Rocka had a spat with Ntando Duma, accusing her of not taking “the pill” as he told her she should after they had sex. Assuming Ntando Duma had gone ahead and taken the pill, there would, of course, not have been a Sbahle Mzizi.

The kid came and has since become a blessing to her parents, especially her mother, who celebrates her every opportunity she has. Just recently, she opened a kiddies salon in her daughter’s honour.

Anyway, back to Junior De Rocka. He not only showed up for his daughter’s birthday but posted her on his Instagram page as well, wishing her a happy birthday. He described the kid as his joy and his little star. You can check out his post below.

By the way, Sbahle Mzizi has become an influencer like her parents. Being the child of famous parents has paid off for her. Really, life is only just beginning.

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