K.O Reacts To Rashid Kay’s Claims That He Stole ‘Skhanda’ From MT

SA Hip Hop star K.O has responded to claims that he stole Skhanda from M.T.

Not too long ago, Rashid Kay appeared on Zingah’s podcast, where he made claims supporting M.T that K.O stole the Skhanda concept from him. He said,

“M.T from Thembisa 1632 had a mixtape called Skhanda Music; whether you listened to the mixtape or not, he started Skhanda. K.O. took the Skhanda name from MT but took the Skhanda sound from Lunatik; the name and the sound, those are two different things.” Rashid added.”

Reacting to the claims, K.O laughed it off in a tweet, “Lol n*gg*s be loud and wrong, respectfully. Anyway, can’t wait to peep at the full clip.”

M.T maintains that the “SETE” star “stole the concept and ran with it,” He said through This Is Colbert, “In the podcast, Rashid has talked about it, and Sizwe Dhlomo attested to that, and they are witnesses. You cant manipulate history, if people know history as it is, you can come, and you can’t lie to people because there are witnesses they will tell you we were there

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